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The SaniFlame Advantage

With an expansion of intensive pig and poultry farming, a dead animal can be a real threat to the rest of the livestock. Dead poultry disposal and dead swine disposal using incinerators is essential in such cases.

Typical commercial incineration systems have not evolved significantly in decades to incorporate efficient dead poultry disposal options or dead swine disposal using incinerators. With the looming global waste disposal crisis, they suffer from a number of drawbacks.

Such drawbacks include:

  • Inefficient batch process
  • Inefficient afterburner designs
  • Inconvenient fixed hearth design
  • Poor control over air and fuel


BC1000-v3-burngundy-gold-signSaniFlame overcomes these challenges with the following features:


Both the Primary and Secondary Chambers are sized to fit into standard shipping containers to allow convenient and inexpensive delivery to any location in the world. They provide the perfect solution for dead poultry disposal and dead swine disposal using incinerators, simplifying your waste disposal needs.
Please contact our office to discuss your process requirements in more detail, and one of our representatives will be happy to guide you in making an eco-friendly disposal decision.


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