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Saniflame is an experienced incinerator manufacturer that offers medical waste incinerators, dead animal composting, and solutions for other bio-waste streams.

Our management team has over 100 years' experience in furnace design, operation, refractory installation, gasification systems, and project management. Over the years, our expertise has helped us fine tune our dead animal composting operations, in order to enable us to provide the best dead livestock disposal services, while also branching out to provide medical waste incinerator services.

Owners of farm operations want to keep their livestock healthy and productive. That is why if an animal dies, it has to be separated from the rest of the livestock to prevent the spread of disease. Having an incinerator on site takes care of your animal dead livestock disposal immediately, thus minimizing the exposure.

Similarly, in a hospital context, chemicals that are harmful to the environment cannot be disposed of through a regular landfill process. Having a medical waste incinerator on site will solve the problem and prevent any materials from becoming a hazard to people and the environment.

Please contact us to learn more about our dead animal composting solutions and to see how we can help you manage your waste by finding solutions that are not only safe, easy and efficient, but also environmentally friendly.


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