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SaniFlame is a top quality incinerator manufacturer that offers animal incinerators and eco waste solutions. We provide unique gasification systems that safely destroy the multitudes of waste that challenge communities worldwide. SaniFlame has developed this highly efficient and convenient system by utilizing removable cars and an innovative afterburner design.

We are an incinerator manufacturer that provides practical eco waste solutions for the disposal of animal carcasses. We also handle small quantities of disposable waste that need to be handled through incineration rather than landfill disposal.

Some of the specific problems we keep in mind include: animal incinerators that ensure biosecurity in the agricultural sectors and medical waste incinerators for hospitals.


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Convenience  -  Efficiency  -  Innovation  -  Portability
Saniflame is an incinerator manufacturer who offers the following advantages:

  • Removable car design allows the operators to load and clean the gasification chamber without having to work inside it. Such eco waste solutions make their job easier, safer, cleaner and faster, which is especially important when dealing with contaminated waste streams.
  • A second car increases convenience and production rate since the cars can be quickly hot-swapped. This eliminates the downtime need to cool and clean the SaniFlame animal incinerator system between cycles.
  • Developed using the latest CFD software, the patent pending afterburner design has revolutionized the way gasification emissions are processed. It delivers a longer residence time in a smaller space, while ensuring that no emissions can escape the system without being processed.
  • A portable unit has been designed to operate on a flatbed trailer or inside a shipping container.

The SaniFlame Gasification System has been engineered to excel in areas where other incineration systems fall short: cycle time, efficiency, convenience, and flexibility.

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