Hearth Design


Pathological   •   Deadstock   •   Specified Risk Material   •   BSE   •   Municipal Solid Waste   •   Medical Waste   •   Pharmaceutical   •   Contaminated Food

The car refractory features an innovative corrugated floor design which allows heat to reach the bottom of the load material faster. This improves the efficiency of the gasification process and shortens the cycle.


Refractory cracking is minimized thanks to the modular hearth design which has joints that absorb normal thermal expansion stresses.

One of the major problems of other incinerator designs is that they are not leak-proof and allow liquid waste through their joints and cracks onto the plant floor. A medical waste incinerator that has this problem is an obvious hazard to the people using it as well as the environment. The design of the SaniFlame system has solved this problem, making incinerators safer and more manageable to use.


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