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SVG flameWith regards to the disposal of dead livestock, the Saniflame combustion system is designed around two high quality industrial gas burners. The burners used are renowned in the combustion industry for their performance and reliability.

Both the primary and secondary chamber burners are set up for on-ratio firing, which allows for exact control of air levels in the chambers during the disposal of dead livestock. Additional air can then be carefully metered and injected into the chambers as needed through air inlets mounted around the periphery. This allows strict control of the pyrolytic process and gives processes like the disposal of dead livestock a greater degree of accuracy and efficiency.


SaniFlame is a responsible incinerator manufacturer that provides only the highest quality waste solutions for the disposal of dead livestock, which means that it accords with all the relevant regulations and codes. The SaniFlame combustion system conforms to the latest North American (CSA and NFPA) gas codes. Conformance with other codes is available upon request.

Give us call today to learn more about what waste solutions Saniflame can offer you, and one of our representatives will be happy to give you the details you require.

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