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The PLC-based wall mountable control panel uses state-of-the-art technology to provide control and feedback to the SaniFlame system. Flame safety is provided with flame relays and UV flame detectors or flame rods. This ensures that medical and animal incinerators are safe to use and do not harm the surrounding environment.

High-limit instruments retransmit temperature signals from type K thermocouples to the PLC which modulates the burner control motors and air injection valves.

The robust industrial burners are ignited directly without the need for additional pilot burners.

The front of the control panel contains a 10" colour touch screen display (HMI - Human Machine Interface) that is used to enter settings and give process feedback about all system conditions such as burner selection, temperature inputs and temperature trending.

The panel and all components are CSA/US listed and approved with the CSA label attached. The panel can be wired to a North American or EU convention.

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