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With regards to the disposal of animal carcasses, the traditional batch method of operation suffers from long cycle times because the hearths must be cooled down before operators can work safely inside them to clean out the ash and load new waste materials. Then, the systems must be restarted and reheated to their operating temperatures.

The unique feature of the SaniFlame gasification system is that the car-bottom design which allows the hearth to be completely removed from the Primary Chamber for loading, ash clean out, and cooling. Operators no longer have to enter the chamber or manually load the waste. Heavy duty caster wheels allow free movement of the cars so that all the preparation work can be completed at a more convenient location where access is easier, loading can be mechanized, and operator exposure to waste is minimized. This is especially important when dealing with contaminated waste streams such as SRM (Specified Risk Material), Medical Waste, Contaminated Food, or Municipal Solid Waste.

The addition of a second removable car dramatically improves production rates by creating a semi-continuous process to aid in the disposal of animal carcasses. The load can be prepared on one car while other one is still in the Primary Chamber. Second, the cooling cycle is shorter because the cars can be swapped without having to cool the entire chamber down to ambient temperature.

As a result, operating costs are lower in both the Primary and Secondary Chambers as it takes much less fuel and time to bring the system back into production.

This means that the SaniFlame incineration system by SaniFlame is capable of doubling the production rate of a conventional 1000 kg/day batch system. Removable cars are particularly convenient for the disposal of animal carcasses that are larger and heavier, such as horses and cattle.


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